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MELTDISTRICT was forming on July 2021 by two people who sharing the same mindset of planet-friendly conscious.
We are recycle and up cycling design studio, where we embraces the sustainability concept to create endless possibilities of products, services and outcomes from tons of waste plastic. Which become “CYCLE OF POSSIBILITIES”

To be the best and most comprehensive
planet-friendly solution studio

We aiming to create an alternative replacement of raw material and product from plastic waste.
To provide the unique service and product created from plastic waste by turning them into memory and either to encourage people to “leave no trace” where ever they go.
To produce the modern-looking environmentally-conscious product, furniture and raw material for interior design elements.
To create and transform our lifestyle system to the next-gen of circular economy.
To thriving a circular economy that can benefit everyone within the limits of our planet.
To create a future of lifestyle and harm no more to our mother nature.

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